Where Have I Been?

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MTHFR Connection with Bipolar and PCOS
Where Have I Been?

Where Have I Been? (Learning about MTHFR Gene Mutations)

I want to begin with an apology. I promised to begin posting regularly, but then I disappeared. So where have I been? First, I discovered I had septicemia, which really held me back. Then, as I begin to recover from this, I had to be scheduled for a surgery and a removal of a cyst. After this,  during my healing process, I stumbled upon a link about the connection existing between PCOS and something known as MTHFR (Methylene Tetrahydrofolate Reductase). This discovery led me down a path of first questions, then discoveries. So, where have I been? Searching for the possible connection between many of the difficulties I have faced and the similarities to this gene mutation. After studying a ton of information I decided to request the genetic testing to determine if I suffered from this mutation. After two weeks to send the test off and get the results, discovered I have what is known as a compound heterozygous MTHFR mutation.

What Does This Mean? (Why is the Diagnosis so Important?)
Understanding the importance of MTHFR
MTHFR Challenges

Well, this looks difficult, and after a lot of research, it can be overwhelming. Still, when you begin studying the mutation, it is easy to identify a variety of ways either a single or a compound mutation can impact your life and health. I have been delving into several books, hoping to get greater understanding and appreciation, watched a ton of videos, and even begun reading several books on the subject. Now, I have become involved in an extensive study to understand how the mutation impacts my life. Wow! What a shock! All the connections existing between compound heterozygous MTHFR mutation and many other health issues have started to connect. Before I move ahead, I want to share one of the videos which really helped me understand what this means. Joe Leech from Diet vs. Disease really helped explain the condition without a lot of scientific confusion:

This reveals how my specific mutation proves to offer valuable insight and understanding. It also helps me to better improve my lifestyle to not only address some of the personal challenges but also how to avoid increasing the damage of the mutations. While there are claims the mutation may not influence other aspects of life, other sources of information have supported an existing connection.

How am I Addressing the Challenge with MTHFR Mutations?

Should you be Tested for MTHFR Gene mutations?
MTHFR Gene Mutation Study

Now that I know I have the mutations, some changes have been made to my daily vitamin supplements and I have to be more cautious with the foods I eat. Fortunately, after discovering Trim Healthy Mama, I have been able to discover a program that is a lifestyle, not just another fad diet. I have begun to regain a lot of energy that I have previously lost, sleeping well, and for the first time in ages, I have even started to dream again. This may not seem like a major deal for many people, but when you struggle with even making yourself sleep four hours a night, this is a major improvement!

When I mentioned my changes in supplements, I have begun taking 5-MTHFR (Methyl Folate), CoQ10, and Glutathione. All of these are important for me since my previous tests for Bipolar 1 disorder have shown I exhibit high histamine levels, also connected with a variety of allergies. Please know, I am not offering medical advice, just trying to provide insight into the things I must personally do. If you think you may need to dig a little deeper, please contact your physician and request the necessary tests. I am currently researching other options which are available and will update shortly!

Who Should Be Tested for MTHFR Mutations?

After great study, and consideration, the answer is that everyone should consider being tested for possible mutations. Seek out the advice of a physician to discover the possibility of the mutation(s) and once the test results are available, if you are positive for a mutation, begin to study!

What follows are just a few of the books I have found useful. When you click on the picture, can be taken a link to purchase the book if you like!


Great first step in understanding who should be tested for MTHFR
The 85% Solution


Great insight to how to eat with MTHFR Gene Mutation
The Living with MTHFR Cookbook


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