Meet Nobody Knows Hope!

Meet NobodyKnowsHope

“Real knowledge like everything else of value is not to be obtained easily. It must be worked for, studied for, thought for, and more that all must be prayed for!”

Meet Nobody Knows Hope!

Welcome to Nobody Knows Hope! My name is Kristie Gentry. I am grateful for each day and hold hope for the coming of each new adventure and challenge! Here you will have the opportunity to learn about me, my life, the health challenges I face, get a chance to discover some new books you may want to check out and add to your book collections, and so much more!

Primary Focus on NobodyKnowsHope

The main focus of this blog is to create a place where individuals can come together to find a natural alternative for health challenges they may face. I suffer from Bipolar 1 Disorder, coupled with PCOS. I have difficulties with taking medication and as a result had to discover new ways to address these challenges.  My intentions are to create two posts weekly (Tuesdays and Fridays). These will deal with a variety of topics. These posts will involve insight, guidance, and even recipes. Sometimes I will attempt to provide book reviews on new books (I am an avid reader), recipes, or even little tips others may discover to be useful!

Finding the Light of Hope in the Darkness


What Do You Need to Know About NobodyKnowsHope

Beyond my disorders and challenges, I am happily married to my amazing husband. Together, we operate our own business (feel free to check us out at where we produce all-natural, handmade body care products. This business began because of my desire to aim for a more natural approach to life and health!



Just a Little Bit More

I am also a full-time student and looking forward to earning my Master’s from Liberty University on May of this year, so super excited! My husband does have two teenagers from a previous marriage, one who lives with us. The furbaby Gandalf believes he is a child and demands to be treated as such.

Just an example!

My miniature schnauzer has filled a void in My heart in many ways. He is my child and in many ways, he seems to understand. I live a simple life. I love my business, enjoy my family, work hard in my classes, share my life with my amazing husband, and prove to be both a nerd/geek at heart. When I have a few minutes, I enjoy gaming, watching anime, and/or crocheting. My greatest passion is and will always be writing.

Final Thoughts

I would like to welcome others to join me on this unique journey. Perhaps we can all have the opportunity to learn together! I hope some of the things I cover prove valuable for others! I hope to grow and expand the topics and try to provide insight others may never have had the time to discover!